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Peace of Mind for Your Families

Added value that enhances your clients’ satisfaction

For over twenty years, INEX has been developing premium tools for deathcare and financial professionals to deliver value and functionality that clients and their families truly appreciate and use. In Case of Emergency is a preparedness tool that simplifies the process of organizing one’s important documents, making the service professional’s process more efficient and the client’s experience more fulfilling.

It’s an Effective Addition to Your Process

Whether this product is gifted or used as a revenue source, it brings greater efficiency to the process of serving your clients. It helps clients to navigate the often-daunting task of organizing their critical documents and, in doing so, makes the job of the deathcare or financial professional more streamlined.

It’s a Constant Reminder of Your Support

Your client families will routinely update this kit and keep it close, so it will be a reminder of your relationship with them. You can also customize the kit with your branding to make it a unique expression of your support.

It Is The Perfect Reflection of Your Brand

In Case of Emergency is a thoughtful, effective resource that will increase your clients’ satisfaction with your service and loyalty to your brand.

In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency in the Deathcare Profession:

  • Bridges the gap between the pre-need and at-need periods with your families.
  • Assists your families in compiling many of the documents you will need to deliver your services.
  • Allows your families to be prepared for any eventuality.
  • Remains in use and in sight for your families.
  • Is a welcome and valued expression of your support.
  • Is a cost-effective tool that adds value to your relationship with your families.

In Case of Emergency in the financial industry:

  • Simplifies the process of securing crucial information and documents for both you and your clients.
  • Gives your clients a simple way to remain current with all documentation relevant to the services you are providing them.
  • Empowers your clients to address the daunting task of getting their important matters in order.
  • Acts as a constant and welcome reminder of your clients’ relationships with you.
  • Increases your clients’ appreciation and loyalty with a nominal investment.

In Case of Emergency is an excellent premium for use at seminars.