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Memories Should Be Like a Warm Embrace

Let Your Families Embrace Their Memories

Comfort Cubs make memories and love things that can actually be felt and cherished. These huggable bears allow children and adults to express their affection and soften the pain of loss. Long after the flowers have wilted, Comfort Cubs remain as a lasting and tangible comfort and a caring expression of support for your families.

It Bears a Special Reminder

Comfort Cubs are available in brown or white and come with one of three keepsake options:

And all can be securely kept in the Cub’s heart pocket, making it a truly personal remembrance.

Give your families a hug that will last forever. Contact us today at 1-888-829-8362 or email us at info@inexinc.com.

Comfort Cubs
Comfort Cub

Sold as Comfort Bears in the U.S.