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Building Relationships for  Deathcare and Financial Services Professionals

INEX has a unique focus on product development.  After witnessing the difficulties experienced by a relative trying to close a loved one’s estate, Corinne Lavictoire realized that a simple, comprehensive guide was needed for executors and administrators, many of whom have no experience with the process. As the largest generation in history, baby boomers stand to inherit over $30 trillion in North America alone, and most of that money will pass through the hands of amateur executors.

Thus the creation of Closing Affairs, the most authoritative guide for executors and administrators in North America.  Corinne realized that the best way to get Closing Affairs into the hands of executors was via the deathcare profession, which has the most contact with individuals who have been charged with settling an estate.  Corinne also realized that Closing Affairs offered deathcare professionals an opportunity to extend and enhance their relationship with client families by providing a valuable tool to the next generation.  Over time, Closing Affairs was also introduced to financial advisors, who also deal frequently with executors but who do not want to take on the role themselves for reasons of conflict of interest.  Closing Affairs gave them a way to provide support to the executor while remaining their financial advisor.

Through the development of Closing Affairs, Corinne and her team at INEX gained a unique perspective on the needs of the deathcare and financial services professions. Specifically, they recognized the need for both professions to constantly nurture their client relationships from one generation to the next.  This led to the creation of In Case of Emergency, a personal preparedness tool that helps people to assemble all of their critical documents in one place.  For the deathcare professional, In Case of Emergency has become a way to bridge the gap between the pre-need and at-need periods with their client families.  For financial advisors, it has become a valuable onboarding tool that helps to streamline their process and add value to the client relationship.

Because of their unique focus and experience, INEX is developing relationship-building products that provide extremely high functionality and perceived value.  INEX continues to develop new products with the same insight and expertise that have made Closing Affairs and In Case of Emergency the most highly respected products of their kind.

The INEX Team

Corinne Bryson
Founder and CEO

Corinne founded INEX in 2000 after witnessing a family member struggle with the task of settling her mother’s estate. Corinne realized there was a need for a simple but comprehensive tool to assist executors, and Closing Affairs was born.  Corinne recognized that Closing Affairs could be a very valuable tool for the deathcare profession, which is constantly looking for ways to extend and deepen relationships with client families.  Closing Affairs is now the #1 resource given to executors by funeral homes in North America.  Corinne has developed a number of other products for the deathcare profession and recently launched In Case of Emergency, an estate organization tool that is being used as a relationship building premium by both deathcare and financial services professionals.

Dana Wren
Director of Sales and Marketing
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Dana is a third generation veteran of the deathcare profession. She has been deeply involved in the development of products that help deathcare professionals grow and enhance their relationships with their client families.  She has a unique understanding of the needs of the profession and liaises directly with clients providing training and support for all INEX products.

David Zea
Logistics and Warehouse Associate
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David is the glue in the INEX operation.  He’s likely the guy that answered your call, took your order, solved your problem or got you to someone who could.  David is the point man for the shipping, handling and delivery of every product that flows through the INEX warehouse. He manages the logistics and tracking of all products, processes payments, provides estimates and maintains the warehouse in pristine condition.  David is the consummate multi-tasker and has spent his entire professional career dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s so that people get what they need when they need it.  If you are a client of INEX, you are in Davids very capable hands.