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For over a decade, INEX has been trusted by more than 250,000 executors to help them effectively settle the estates of their loved ones.

Inex Insight is a complete and comprehensive guide to estate settlement, a necessary step that all families are required to face. This resource provides support in a variety of ways including definitions, contact directories, processes, letters, spreadsheets, online support and so much more.

Inex Insight allows you to provide an extra dimension of support and assistance to your clients while building your reputation, business, and revenue.



Inex Insight:

Helping Executors Navigate Estate Settlement

Once the funeral is over, the real work begins for your clients. Even the smallest estate can take a year to settle. Inex Insight is a complete guide to assist families with their estate settlement obligations. Quite simply, Inex Insight is a year's worth of peace-of-mind for your clients and a powerful business tool for you.

Help your clients with this comprehensive resource.

Whether the estate is simple or complex, an estate settlement resource is needed. Even the smallest estate requires certain steps and correspondence. INEX provides options for estate settlement tools that offer your clients the help they need.

Regularly enhanced and audited by a team of estate settlement professionals, these products offer value that executors can immediately recognize.

Inex Insight includes:
Getting Started
Task List Death Certificate
3 Guide books
(With a Will, Without a Will and Planning Ahead)
File Folders
with agendas
Agendas Inex Insight website
with extensive information
Empowering Insight

Financial advisors have unique client insights. We help them leverage this intelligence to enhance client relationships and develop rapport with heirs by adding value to estate planning services with settlement resources .

Inex Insight is part of the
Inex family of products.

Settling an estate is a complex duty fraught with risk, responsibility, obligation and emotion. INEX gives executors a road-map to navigate confidently through all of the various regulations, requirements laws and customs.

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